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Where did my favorite boutique go?

Hey you! Did you notice your fave shopping spot moved to a new address? We are so happy you're here! It's hard to get people to follow links or change from a 'brand' they are used to, we get that, so we wanted to thank you for sticking with us. 

If you're new here and maybe you don't know who Steph & Tara are, make sure to check out our About Us page and read up! The just of it though? We're two successful, independent boutique owners, since 2016, who decided to share a workload and combine two awesome online shopping communities. We both care deeply about our businesses and work together now to bring that passion to Higher Purpose Boutique. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, do reach out! Our emails are listed via the About Us page. Also, sign up for our email list! You'll be the best sneak peeks and deals out there.